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Acento Investment Management is a real estate private equity firm specializing exclusively in Commercial Real Estate markets within the Continental United States. Our goal is to provide superior investment and asset management through commingled fund vehicles and separately managed accounts. Acento Principals have created a unique environment, allowing sophisticated domestic and international private investors and institutions access to the energetic and dynamic U.S.-based commercial real estate market by understanding their investment needs, and mastering the complex tax and regulatory environment of cross-border real estate investing. Our experienced, dedicated team has been at the forefront of developing capital markets in Latin America and identifying prime investment opportunities across the border to the States for over 13 years. Acento Investment Management is a privately-held investment management subsidiary of Acento Real Estate Partners, based in the Washington DC area. Drawing on over 14 years of experience and solid relationships throughout Latin America and the U.S., we are known for our excellence in identifying risk-appropriate opportunities across locations, asset classes and investment strategies to generate proprietary investment opportunities. The capital we raise, in the form of funds (commingled fund vehicles) and separate accounts (separately managed accounts), is invested creatively and thoughtfully through unique Proprietary Investment Strategies that include Core, Core Plus and Value Add opportunities, among others. We also utilize different investment formats which we carefully craft to maximize returns and minimize risk, such as Joint Ventures, Co-Investments and other Structured Investment Vehicles. Acento Investment Management strives to provide superior investment opportunities and results through an unwavering methodic discipline, and an unstoppable mission to find innovative solutions to enhance and protect investments made on our clients’ behalf.

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